Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Wintry Banks Of The Ausable River

My sister from Ohio called to say she'd like to come visit me in New York State. I can't do much traveling what with these animals and all. And even if I tried, who would welcome a visitor with six dogs? Anyway, I suggested that instead of driving to Albany, she meet me up at the farm. She could get to see the place and the local area. I would have more room for her to stay than I'd have in Albany. It was a win-win scenario. So the dogs and I left on Saturday morning and began driving north toward the farm. When we arrived in Keene, I was amazed to learn that I was still able to drive back into my secret little rest stop along the Ausable River. The dogs all piled wildly out of the car and we headed directly down to the riverbank:

I was surprised to see how much ice covered this rapidly flowing river, but at any rate the dogs were very happy. Wally ran full speed up and down the trail:

We walked along the river's edge, following a trail deeper and deeper into the Adirondack forest:

Winky has been feeling pretty darn spry for a crooked legged old Pekingese, and he kept right up with all the rest of us:

Seamus and Fergus, it won't surprise you to learn, are virtually immune from the cold and dampness. They were having a high old time:

The dogs kept drifting closer to the water's edge:

Being winter, I figured there was no chance of meeting another person or dog in the forest and therefore relaxed and let the dogs explore to their hearts' content:

A brief video. The river had more ice than I'd expected and you can see me getting more worried as the dogs get closer and closer to venturing out on the ice. I finally end the video abruptly so that I can lead the dogs away from temptation. Daphne and Clover, the two Papillon puppies, seem especially drawn to trouble:

We climbed back up the bank to the parked car. That's Seamus on top and short-legged Wally scrambling up the rocks:

I collected all the dogs back into my little red car and we headed back out onto the highway:

It was still mighty cold, I should add. That's a wall of ice behind me which clung to the rocks alongside Route 73:

What had recently been lots-o-water had become lots-o-ice:

And on we traveled through the Adirondack high peaks, on our way up to the farm. I'll post more tomorrow:

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