Tuesday, December 14, 2010

South Of Parishville And Into the Adirondacks

I'd had a pleasant journey north to visit the farm, a nice overnight stay there - but now the dogs and I were on our way home. We'd begun our journey early on a frosty Sunday morning and were headed south, back toward Albany. Just below the little town of Parishville on the St. Regis River I passed this sign, just catching it out of the corner of my eye. I thought it said "SOUP MUSEUM." Now that excited me, so I turned around and drove back to take a closer look. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that it was soap, not soup. But I snapped a photo (the place was closed on a Sunday morning anyway) and continued on my way. But I've checked the internet since and learned that someone began making soap and turned it into a profitable business. There's now a fancy soap manufacturing plant there selling all over the world. I just may go back some day for a closer look:

The State highways up there are small and pass through long stretches without many signs of human habitation. I continued to pass by signs naming the State Forests I was passing. There's a lot of them. I've since tried to find out if a State Forest can be within the boundaries of the Adirondack Park but not discovered a definitive answer. The true answer seems to be "yes and no." So I'll just let it go at that:

And then the small State highway came to a stop light in the middle of nowhere. I've been here before so I knew what to expect. The road winds through a steep walled pass as it follows a stream. Apparently the curves are so sharp and the shoulders so narrow that speeding cars were having head-on collisions. At least that's my take on it. They solved the problem by allowing traffic in only one direction at a time even though the road is always has two lanes:

When our light turned green, we began winding our way through the curves of the mountain pass:

And eventually we came to a familiar pull-off along the highway were I could let the dogs out to run. And run they did!:

The dogs were excited and full of energy, exploring every nook and cranny. I only had to keep them away from the road:

Wally and Winky went their own way, separate from the racing, wrestling, rowdy puppies:

The rest area is bounded by a river and the dogs seemed far too interested in it for some reason. I called them away from it as I just wasn't in the mood for any kind of watery crisis:

It was great fun for all the dogs:

Daphne and Clover, the two Papillon puppies, ran and wrestled and then ran and wrestled some more:

But this was only a short rest stop and I soon called them all back to the car so we could continue on our way:

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