Friday, December 3, 2010

The High Peaks In Wnter

The dogs and I had passed through the Adirondack town of Keene, New York and were driving uphill into the high peaks. When I came to the road which leads to the Mount Marcy base camp, I turned up it for some good views of the mountains:

The snow had stopped falling, but it was cold and blustery. Snow swirls like wintry dust devils were blowing up everywhere, some small and some quite huge:

You can see here how the snow was blowing up in the spaces between the mountains. The skies were still overcast and dark even though the snow had temporarily stopped:

I began to see some blue sky here and there, though the snow swirls continued to dance across the fields:

At the highest point of the road was this expensive house, built to look like a simple Adirondack cabin:

I could see not only mountains but the Lake Placid Ski Jump structures from this vantage point. Yes, those are my tire tracks in the newly fallen snow on the road:

High peaks surrounded me. In every direction were more mountains:

More mountains, more blowing snow:

When I arrived in Lake Placid, I stopped to take a photo across this field, with the mountains nearby. I believe one of them was Whiteface Mountain, but with all the snow it was difficult to tell:

And then into the town of Saranac Lake where I bought gas and a sandwich. I also passed by this railroad station, home to the Adirondack Scenic Railroad. I believe I took it once with my mother many years ago, but will not likely get another opportunity. I couldn't leave the six dogs locked in the car. Well, I certainly get to see lots of beautiful scenery on my own:

As I passed this interesting church it began to snow once again. Ah well, such is life in the Adirondacks:

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