Monday, December 6, 2010

An Afternoon Barn Shed Inspection

I left the dogs inside my farm apartment while I took a walking tour around the grounds and barn. I walked around to the northern and eastern sides of the barn where it's usually too weedy to go and noticed the old wooden frame of some farm vehicle, perhaps a wagon or manure spreader. It was leaned against the old concrete foundation of a former silo:

Then I walked around to the old decrepit sheds attached to the barn. They're not really usable, so I mostly ignore them. But I was curious, so checked them out. This one clearly had once been a workshop. It still had a workbench and functioning lighting and a pile of old windows:

The roof over another portion was open and wild pigeons were making their homes there. That plywood on the bottom right covers a pit in which sits an old water pump. Apparently this was once a water source for the barn:

A closer look at the well cover with an electrical lead still connected:

On the eastern side of the barn was an old bath tub once used to water livestock:

Alas, most of these sheds are beyond repair:

This one could make a nice creche display some Christmastime if only it faced the road (but it doesn't). Beyond that, it's of no use anymore to anyone:

An old satellite dish, doors and windows are stored out behind the barn. I could fill many dumpsters with all the debris:

I returned back to the apartment and let the dogs out for more pooping and play time:

The little pond is frozen solid and no longer a threat to careless puppies:

The western sky began to cloud up and it was getting late. It was time for me to decide how I'd spend my afternoon. Darkness would be arriving soon:

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