Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Final Leg Of The Journey Home

The dogs and I had had a grand trip up to the farm and were well along on our return trip home. We'd traveled south through Tupper Lake and Long Lake and then headed southeast on Route 28N towards the Northway, the main highway between Albany and the Canadian border. But it was time for a rest stop, so when I spotted what in sunnier times had been a field of wildflowers, I pulled off the road for the dogs to do their thing:

We headed directly across the little field and down into the brush adjoining the forest. You can see my little red car parked along the road from this location and an abandoned cabin on the opposite side of the road. There was no traffic at all on that chilly Sunday morning:

Wally's eyesight had been problematic all during this trip (he's now permanently on medication for it), but he and Winky had no problems staying with the rest of us:

The big problem was that someone had dumped crackers, cheese and cantaloupe on the ground. The ravens were enjoying a feast when we arrived and scattered to the forest where they croaked angrily until we left. But I didn't want the dogs to eat any of it. As you can imagine, keeping six dogs away from such a dump of crackers and cheese was not easy:

Winky may be getting elderly, but he certainly had no trouble trotting rapidly through the snowy field:

A short video of our rest stop and my efforts at keeping the dogs away from the crackers and cheese:

We loaded ourselves back up into the car and continued on our way. But only a short way farther I passed this historic marker and just had to investigate:

Directly behind the sign was this abandoned building, a remnant of the days of Teddy Roosevelt:

It must have been a grand old inn back in 1901, but it's now only a shell:

This was the final leg of our journey home and the views of the mountains, some nearby and some distant, were beautiful:

Just before joining the busy highway I took this photo of two houses with world class views. Then it was time to join the rat race south toward Albany:

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