Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Romp Across The South Hay Field

My sister was visiting me up at the farm from her home in Ohio and had planned to spend one more day. But on Monday morning we awoke to radio weather predictions of major snow storms and winter driving hazards for the northeast and the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie in particular. Indeed it was already snowing at the farm. So we both decided to leave for home that morning. But before we did, we took the dogs for a hike across the south hay field. As you can see, the snowfall did not diminish the dogs' joy. In fact, they seemed to revel in it:

Seamus and Daphne hung out together while Fergus and Clover watched from a distance:

This was a good opportunity for my sister to see my farmland. But as you can tell, the weather was not cooperative in the "seeing" department:

Seamus walks alongside the edge of the woods:

My sister, the marathon athlete, decided to run through the snow storm - and the dogs, especially the Papillons, found this delightful:

A brief video of our romp across the south hay field. Wally and Winky stayed indoors, so we had five dogs with us. The three Papillons were off running happily with my sister, but Seamus and Fergus became concerned that I was lagging behind:

Big ol' Seamus joined in the fun with his ears a-flappin':

When we reached the far end of the field we could see a neighbor's buildings off through the trees. These are neighbors I've never met. I hope they like dogs:

And then we turned around and headed back to my farm:

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