Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Farm Apartment, An Evening And Morning

The puppies and I returned from our driving tour just as the sun was dropping below the horizon. Darkness and very frigid temperatures would arrive suddenly and soon. So all the dogs got to go out for a romp and potty break beneath the sunset sky:

And then we went back inside the apartment to settle in for the night. You can tell how quickly it became dark by looking out that window. The skies had cleared and the stars were out in great numbers. If it had been warmer, I'd have stayed outside longer to enjoy them. But in this weather, I just wanted to be indoors. All the dogs seemed happy about it:

I began cooking dinner and the dogs got comfortable:

Clover and Daphne made themselves at home on a couple of the pillows I use as cheap dog beds:

Fergus and Wally got right up on my bed. Wally needs assistance to get up there, but he's such a sweet old guy that I'm happy to provide it:

We slept soundly and with only one break in the middle of the night to let the dogs out. When morning arrived (notice the light streaming through the window), the dogs were hopeful that I'd share my breakfast with them. I never do, but I guess canine hope never dies:

Breakfast and bathroom breaks all taken care of, I began cleaning up while the dogs once again went into relaxed mode:

Fergus is a high strung dog but nevertheless knows how to truly relax when the situation calls for it:

Winky reclined comfortably and watched me as I removed sheets for washing and vacuumed the floors. I then began packing up everything I'd be bringing home:

It's more difficult for Seamus to relax. He's such a big dog in such a small space that he seems to always be in the way:

As I prepared for our return journey, I noticed this on my wall. The hummingbird and flowers were part of a wind chime which the former owner had outside her back door. It was pretty much ruined, but I kept this part of it as a reminder of her life and family. I nailed to the wall atop a place mat and it looks right at home there. Well, it was time to begin the trip home. I'll post more on that tomorrow:

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