Friday, December 17, 2010

Tupper Lake! All Dolled Up For Christmas

After stopping at the shore of Tupper Lake at the northern end of the town, I proceeded south into the downtown area. Snow had fallen and it was looking like Christmas downtown, so I stopped and began taking pictures. It was Sunday morning so the traffic was minimal. This shot shows the "old west" look of downtown Tupper Lake:

The store windows were all dolled up for Christmas. This had a very "old timey" feel to it which I liked very much:

There appears to be a thriving arts community in the area and I imagine that Christmas sales are an important part of an artist's income:

Christmas window displays lined the street:

A storefront in traditional Adirondack style. The Swiss Kitchen looked to be open but I once again managed to stay out of it and not eat any sweets:

This traditional Adirondack storefront had winter themed window displays and Adirondack log flower boxes along the sidewalk:

Organic foods, whole grains, hand made baskets:

A Christmas-at-home window theme:

And a gingerbread window:

Across the street was the State Theater, an "old timey" movie house if ever there was one:

A closer look at the Adirondack Sign And Furniture Company:

And finally, I paused before Sun Creations. I don't know what all they sell, but the "Fresh Fudge" sign above the Santa Claus figures was plain as day. I snapped a picture and headed back to the car to finish the journey home:

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