Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Hays Brook Horse Riding Trail Continued

My sister and I were hiking the Adirondack Hays Brook Horse Trail, accompanied by seven (yes, seven!) dogs. It was a lovely, Christmas type day and the dogs were as happy about it all as you might expect. Even crooked legged little Winky trotted merrily through the snow, a little canine elf if ever there was one. And to think he was almost put down at the Shelter. Well, he's now living a happy, social life:

My sister stopped to offer a word of encouragement to little Winky. Her daughter's Papillon, Madeline, was by then feeling confident enough to take her place in the pack and trot on ahead with the other dogs:

Snowy forests have a special quietness and we reveled in it. Only the jingling dog tags on our pack of seven broke the silver silence as we walked deeper and deeper into the forest:

I posed for a photo with Madeline and Seamus:

Seamus, Madeline and Winky:

A moment of joy. Seamus was romping along the trail with enough enthusiasm for his big ol' ears to bounce. I count six dogs in the photo. Only little Winky is missing, probably walking at my heels as I snapped the picture:

We eventually arrived at a steep hill deep in the forest where the trail seemed to disappear. Well, never mind, it provided us an excellent place to turn around and head back to the car:

And finally, a brief video of our happy hike through the Hays Brook Horse Riding Trail:

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