Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Snow Covered Adirondack Forest

The next morning, my sister woke up to a surfeit of dogs. I'm sure she'd have preferred to sleep longer, but the dogs had other ideas. By this time, Madeline had made peace with my dogs and even allowed them on the bed:

A new day had begun. It was cold and snowing lightly, but my sister and I piled all seven dogs (yes, seven - can you imagine?) into the car and drove southward into the Adirondacks. We stopped to let the dogs out to play at the Hays Brook Horse Trail:

My sister led the way through the firs and balsams as snow fell lightly. The dogs ran ahead, then behind, but always stayed on the trail:

She looked like a Pied Piper type figure leading the dogs deeper and deeper into the snowy forest:

I lagged behind, taking photos. Fergus ran back to be sure I was OK, his ears flopping happily:

At another point I walked ahead of the pack and looked back to take a photo:

This was an uncommonly lovely forest, filled with aromatic balsams and frosted with snow like a living Christmas card. And speaking of Christmas, I wish you all a very happy holiday. I'll post more tomorrow:

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