Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Arrival At The Farm

I arrived at the farm with all six dogs. There was some snow on the ground but I found it warmer and less harsh than in the Adirondacks. I let the dogs run and sniff and poop and do all the things dogs love to do. Then we all went into our little apartment. I went down into the cellar and turned the water back on. Then I put out bowls of food and water for the dogs. Only after all that did I consider us settled in:

I noticed that I could still see beautiful Golden Delicious apples hanging on the branches outside my bathroom window:

Daphne and Clover, the live wire Papillon puppies, made themselves comfortable on their pillows:

The dogs watched me closely, probably hoping I'd be taking them back outside soon:

I'd turned up the heat, but it was still a bit chilly. I was going back outdoors anyway, so put my hat and coat back on. Seamus was hoping he could go with me:

But I went outside alone, leaving the dogs in the apartment. That was no problem for Seamus, at least not once he'd climbed up on my bed and torn down the window curtain to watch me. After doing that, he was content to snooze:

So I began an outdoor inspection tour, beginning with a view of the neighbors' farm seen across the road through the apple trees and flowering crabs:

The barn looked chilly. I'll certainly want to close up some holes when I have livestock in there:

A typical winter farm scene. The skies are big up there and very expressive. Our single street light has burned out, so at night those great expanses of sky are strewn with all manner of stars, constellations and the Milky Way:

I'd inspected the barn's interior on my last visit, but I got to thinking that I hadn't checked out those ramshackle sheds in a very long time. So I headed in that direction. I'll post the shed pictures on Monday (no post tomorrow):

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