Friday, December 15, 2017

County Route 35, West Potsdam NY - Part 1

I'd just arrived in West Potsdam, NY via County Route 34 (see yesterday's post) and turned onto County Route 35 to see the tiny settlement there:

This great old home looked historic and had a large, artistic weather vane at its peak. I couldn't tell for sure what it was, but it may have been a fox with wings:

There was an old church which appeared to be no longer a church. I don't know what it is used for now:

A classic blue house with a great front porch:

I suspect this home began long ago but has had a number of additions over the years:

A modern looking home (or one which has been remodeled) with an old looking barn:

West Potsdam was situated on the western shore of Trout Brook, and I think this house had a nice view of it:

A lovely old barn off on a side road:

An older house and carriage house in great shape. It reminded me of homes seen on Cape Cod:

I headed south on County Route 35, passing this large greenhouse up on a hill:

This appeared to be several old barns, tied together:

A sizeable herd of horses up on a hill were eating hay from a bale feeder like mine. There was still more to see on this road, and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

County Route 34, West Potsdam

I was driving to Canton, NY via back roads and found myself on St. Lawrence County Route 34. It was so scenic and had so little traffic that I decided to take pictures along the way:

The farmland was flat, with wide vistas across the woods and hay fields:

Old barns with silos dotted the landscape:

I think this was an old manure spreader:

Blue colored maple sap lines which fed into a collection house. I have read that many small operations use gravity fed lines, but bigger operations often use a vacuum pump to keep the sap flowing. I imagine that was what the shed was for:

A traditional farm house and several outbuildings:

The silo and barns which went with the above farm house:

This wasn't an old barn, but with the windmill, old gas pump, Texaco sign and brilliant red color, it sure caught my eye:

A lovely old farm house with a horse barn:

An old cemetery. With no snow on the ground, I would have enjoyed strolling around in it and reading the gravestones. Alas, I didn't want to lengthen my trip to Canton any more than I already was doing:

All the lawn furniture and grill appeared to be assembled to be protected for the winter. Perhaps they were going to move it into the old barn, just visible behind the house on the right:

I arrived at the intersection of County Routes 34 and 35 and decided to turn there, so I took one last photo of this Christmas colored house before starting a new series of pictures (tomorrow's post):