Thursday, February 28, 2013

Essex County Route 69 (or is it 13A?)

We were driving on Route 73 through the Keene Valley when I saw a side road Labeled County Road #69 (although Google Maps calls it Rt 13A, or Hulls Falls Road). This spectacular old red barn and silo were on the corner, so of course I turned up the road to see what I could see:

There were small homes with wonderful porches and mountain views:

More old, red barns:

Some rather expensive looking homes with mountains in the background:

Smaller, more modern homes:
A red home with a turret for watching the beauties of nature in comfort:

The road ran alongside the Ausable River for a considerable distance and, at one point, half the road had fallen into the river and we had to thread our way across the remaining lane:

There were some very nice homes:

And log cabins:

And old farmsteads:

I'm not sure what this was - a barn, perhaps?:

And a home with a great rail fence. I didn't see any horses, though. When we got to the end of the road, I discovered that we'd arrived again on Route 73, so I just turned left and continued on my way:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Wintry Rest Stop Near The Ausable River

Just after we got on Route 73, I pulled off the road for a rest stop at our favorite little camp site near the Ausable River. I let the dogs out of the car and we all climbed over the snow banks and into the forest:

Winky was slow and uncomfortable, and this photo captured him in a hunched over position which I am seeing more often these days. He's getting old and increasingly decrepit, though he still has fun and sometimes prances like a puppy. This day, however, he struggled:

The younger dogs raced ahead toward the bank over which we could have found the Ausable River. We didn't try going there, however. It was too cold, icy and snowy:

The youngsters reached the campsite but I held back, urging Winky and Wally along:

The two old timers were far behind and at this point, they both decided they'd had enough. They simply stopped walking and assumed I knew they wanted to go back to the warm car. They were right, I did know that's what they were trying to say:

So I called the youngsters:

And we all began walking back to the car which wasn't really very far away. Notice that Winky balked at walking that direction also. But he came along when we all proceeded without him:

We all moved slowly back toward the car, with the young dogs sniffing everything and the old dogs just moving slowly:

Seamus found an interesting smell along the way:

I got all of the dogs back into the car, counted noses several times and continued on the way to the farm:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Adirondacks From I-87 To Keene, New York

Another Sunday dawned bright and clear, albeit cold, and it was time for another trip with the dogs up to the farm. I drove north on I-87 for over an hour before I began to see the real Adirondacks just ahead:

Though it's been a cold, snowy winter, there'd apparently been a recent thaw as this mountain alongside I-87 was almost completely snow free:

And once we'd pulled off onto Route 73, the first big mountains which came into view were Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak Ridge:

Unnamed mountains and valleys lined both sides of Route 73 and driving on such a clear, bright day was a scenic delight:

As we gained altitude, the mountains alongside the road began to show more and more snow:

This one, however, must have been too steep to hold its snow. I think it had just all fallen off:

The highway began to drop down into the Keene Valley, after which we'd drive right back up into the high peaks:

I stopped to take a picture and the dogs watched me with concern:

I stopped in the hamlet of Keene Valley (which, of course, is in the Keene Valley) and turned down Trail End Road to see what I could see. The view was wonderful:

 On we drove through the Keene Valley, with mountains rising up on both sides:  

These homes sure had spectacular views:

And this must surely have been a farm at one time. They still sometimes have horses in that pasture:

Monday, February 25, 2013

Buddies - Part 4

These collections of "Buddy" photos are becoming a tradition. Welcome to installment #4. This is Fergus, Daphne, Seamus and Winky at home:

At home again: Madeline, Daphne, Seamus and Fergus. Notice the empty bookcase behind them. That's because I've packed up everything inside it and hauled it up to the farm. Moving day is getting closer:

At the office this time, where the dogs get to go on Saturdays. Wally, Daphne, Fergus (mostly hidden), Seamus and Clover:

Again at work - Madeline has joined the group:

Seamus, Fergus and Daphne, a regular trio:

Now Fergus is really getting comfy. He knows a soft pillow when he sees one:

And Clover knows a soft pillow when she sees one also:

Snoozey the cat has joined the group of buddies:

And Bramble the cat feels a special kinship with Clover and Daphne:

It's uncommon for Winky to join the dog piles, but he got pretty close on this day. Perhaps he was stationary and the other dogs moved in to join him:

The always popular dog pile at work:

And again, this time with Madeline joining in:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wintry Fun At Marcy Field

The dogs and I were on our way home from the farm and as yet had only had one rest stop (Hays Brook). It's always difficult to find suitable places in the wintertime, places where I can get off the road for the dogs' freedom and safety. Marcy Field parking lot is usually plowed and usually unoccupied - as it was on this day:

The dogs got out and immediately began running:

This photo captured all seven of them. It's rare to get them all in one picture:

We walked over to the trail head for Blueberry and Porter Mountains:

And began to explore the trail:

Daphne and Clover, as usual, led the way as we moved at a glacial pace up the trail:

With old Winky and Wally poking along behind us, we had to travel slowly. But then, that's all the better for dogs to thoroughly sniff the scenery:

Seamus, who had been lagging behind, caught up with the group:

And we proceeded happily, albeit slowly, beneath the canopy of trees:

But this was only a brief rest stop and the weather was cold and blustery. I called the dogs back to the parking lot:

Madeline and Wally brought up the rear. Winky was actually ahead of them, but only because he had never even made it as far as the trail:

I got the pooches loaded up, counted noses several times and headed back out to the highway. This was our final rest stop for the trip: