Monday, December 13, 2010

Fort Jackson To Hopkinton To Parishville

It'd been a short but enjoyable visit to the farm but Sunday morning arrived and I left early. I began by driving southward down through the settlements of Fort Jackson and Hopkinton. This is the Hopkinton Town Square in winter:

There isn't much action there at the best of times, but early on a frigid Sunday morning there was nothing at all happening:

And right across the road was Wilber's Hardware Store, a real old fashioned merchant. Oddly, they seemed to be open on this early Sunday morning but I didn't go in to verify that:

The former "Jake And Molly's" was indeed open even at this early hour. It had been purchased, however, and is now "Lamphere's." There aren't many retail establishments this far out in the boondocks, so those few which exist become magnets for all the local people. The new owner here, I'd been told, sells home baked dinner rolls which are the best ever. I was even given a sample to try and had to admit that they are indeed tasty. But I was just beginning the drive home and didn't stop here on this day:

Just three miles from my door we entered the Adirondack Park:

And even though we were inside the Adirondack Park, it was still high plateau country. It was so very high and flat that I could see off across the farm fields all the way to Canada on this chilly morning:

The journey began by taking us through farm country. The farmers were up and about on this and every other morning:

Surprisingly, I don't see a lot of active dairy farms, but I passed by one here:

And began passing signs for State Forests. There are many State Forests along the way. They are ubiquitous and I imagine they'll make wonderful hiking places for me to bring the dogs some day:

We entered the picturesque little town of Parishville which sits along the banks of the St. Regis River:

The river is wide here and seems almost like a lake. It may be dammed here, but it was too cold for me to investigate. This was a parking lot in the center of town and you can see houses across the water on the opposite shore:

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