Thursday, December 9, 2010

A County Roads Driving Tour

Having purchased some groceries at the little IGA in Brashers Falls, I set out on my back roads driving tour with Daphne and Clover, my two Papillon puppies. I'd thought there were no roads nearby which I hadn't yet toured, but on a closer inspection of my map I saw several county roads which would be new to me. Defying the gathering twilight, I set out to see the countryside. Most houses were sturdy old farm houses with barns. This one caught my eye because it looked so much like my own:

I saw many horses in fields, perhaps more horses than cattle. In this photo, there's a white horse kind of hidden by the snow to the left of the brown horse. And if you enlarge the picture, you may just be able to make out more equines in the back field near the tree line to the right of the fence line. This apparently is real horsey country:

This older blue farm house would look at home on the Nebraska, North Dakota or Iowa prairies. Once again I noted the big fields and big skies in the area:

A home more in the Adirondack style. The area is where the Adirondacks become the northern plains, so one sees some reminders of both:

A cute little log cabin, perhaps someone's retirement home:

And another northern plains farmstead beneath the big sky:

This inviting old farm house with its enclosed porch had recently been renovated. I'm seeing more and more face-lifts on old homes in the area, some of them quite extensive. I wonder if the area is undergoing gentrification. Even if so, it's too remote and rural to become suburbanized in my lifetime:

A sturdy old house and barn, absolutely typical of the area:

This one had lots of ducks and geese in the barnyard. You can tell that the sun was beginning to set and any cloud could darken the landscape even more:

I didn't see many churches, but those I did see were mostly older and traditional old line Protestant denominations, at least in the country. One sees more modern church buildings of more faiths and with better maintenance in the cities:

A sturdy brick house in fine shape with, of course, a barn out back:

This large old farm house and barns looked to have been purchased by someone with lots of money who loves horses. My reason for thinking that was the freshly painted and updated barns with the brand new, gleaming white fences:

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