Thursday, December 30, 2010

Homeward Bound Through A Wintry Snowstorm

I'd had a nice visit with my sister up at the farm and was on my way home as I motored through the Adirondacks. A major winter storm was on the way but it was already snowing and blowing by the Cascade Lakes:

The surface of this chain of lakes was already frozen and the rocky mountains surrounding them were collecting snow as the winds howled through the valley:

When I opened the car door to step out and snap a picture, the dogs wisely seemed happy to stay inside:

The snow squalls started and stopped. The winds gusted, swirled and stalled. This rocky mountain pass is often lovely, but it does also seem to be a micro-climate which collects severe winter weather:

The nearby mountaintops were icy and unwelcoming in that wintry blast:

But I was on my way home with six dogs in the back of the car and so I traveled onward through the windy valley:

And the weather cleared up somewhat when I made my way out of that narrow pass and into the broader Keene Valley:

The mountains ahead were visible and the roads were clear. The dogs and I were on our way home:

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