Monday, December 27, 2010

A Driving Tour Of The Adirondacks

My sister and I were taking a driving tour of the Adirondacks with all seven dogs in the back of the car. We'd had a nice hike on the Hays Brook Horse Trail, so the dogs were relaxed and reasonably quiet. The weather, however, was not cooperative. So when the clouds parted momentarily, I snapped a photo:

Snow was falling and the skies were overcast as we pulled off the road alongside the Cascade Lakes:

And the wind was blowing so hard that my sister stayed in the car when I got out to snap a few photos. That's the three Papillons in the front seat with her (right to left): Madeline, Daphne and Clover:

And we got as far as the high peaks town of Keene, the home of my favorite store. So of course we stopped to look around:

They sell many Adirondack themed gifts in addition to the taxidermy of animals, both local and exotic:

And much of the taxidermy is set in action poses with artificial plants or other animals to complete the scene:

Overhead are antler chandeliers:

My sister was surprised and impressed by the awesome size of the bison:

And a stuffed bear next to the stairs which led up to a loft filled with pelts and other items:

It's a fun place to visit but one has to have lots of money and be truly into taxidermy to buy much there. I have, however, purchased other, smaller items as gifts:

On the way out we took each others' photos beside the chainsaw art mountain man and the pillar of moose antlers:

And I got my turn also. As kids, we used to pose for such photos at tourist stops all across the country, so this brought back some happy memories:

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