Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Traveling Beside The Raquette River

The dogs and I were heading homeward after a weekend visit to the farm. We'd just made a rest stop and were again heading south on State Route 56. The views were terrific on this chilly morning:

It's not so mountainous here as in other parts of the Adirondack Park, but still it's wild northern forests and waterways. It'd sure be grand to live here and own a canoe. On the other hand, with all my dogs, I suppose I'd need a house boat and that would prevent me from exploring these shallow streams:

I saw what appeared to be a town park and pulled into it even though the snow had not yet been plowed. But having just had a rest stop, I left the pooches in the car:

It was a beautiful area, overlooking a dammed portion of the Raquette River. I've been examining maps since then and am not sure if this was the Piercefield Flow or the Raquette Flow. I'm inclined to guess that it was the former:

There was a war memorial on a point of land with excellent views out over the landscape:

Most of the water near the shore was already frozen and there were a few mountains visible even though the clouds were uncommonly low that day:

Park benches indicated that this would be a beautiful, relaxing place in the summertime. But not for a guy with six dogs. I'll have to keep watching for more secluded spots:

I found some water which was not yet frozen over. But it was time to continue on our way and we were almost to the town of Tupper Lake, but I'll post more about that tomorrow:

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