Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Tupper Lake To Long Lake

Tupper Lake, the actual lake that is, extends from north of the town of the same name down past the heart of the town and continues to the south below the town. It's a large, long lake. Although it has a town on its eastern shore, it appears to me to be pretty much wilderness on its western shore. So as I continued my homeward journey, I also continued to drive alongside Tupper Lake:

There's a long stretch right in the town where the highway skirts the lake and pull-offs are provided for tourists such as myself to stop for the wonderful scenic views:

The two Papillon puppies watched out the window at the passing scenery when they weren't snoozing. In the back, Seamus is also a big scenery watcher but the other three just sleep:

South of town, the lakeside scenery becomes wilder, more classically Adirondack:

There were small islands dotting the lake:

It was a serene winter landscape and I noticed that the surface ice was less extensive at this southern end of the lake:

But we were driving south and heading toward the next town named after a lake, Long Lake:

In the town of Long Lake I stopped at the remarkably styled Hoss's Country Store with its birch siding and twig art railings:

On the front porch were bears, eagles and other critters of various (but all large) sizes, made of stuffed fabric or carved wood:

Inside was a giant stuffed plush bear. This was my favorite:

So I set my camera on a shelf and took a photo with Mr. Bear. But we were heading home and I had to get back in the car and continue the journey. I'll continue the postings about the trip tomorrow:

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