Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Beautiful Little Town Of Brasher Falls

I was on a back roads tour with Daphne and Clover, the two Papillon puppies. But given that it was late afternoon on a chilly Saturday, I thought I'd better begin by stopping in the town of Brasher Falls to buy some groceries. The regional high school for the St. Lawrence area is in tiny Brasher Falls and as I posted before, their sports teams are called "The Larries." Garrison Keillor's "Lake Wobegon" monologues have a team with the same name, used for humor. I can't help but wonder if the local people here find it humorous. NPR is certainly popular up that way. I produced no proof in my last post, so thought that this time I'd include a photo of the high school's sign. Click to enlarge and you'll see it:

And then I noticed that it's also on the front of the building. Again, simply click to enlarge:

Across from the high school was this very elegant house. Brasher Falls is one of the nicest small towns I've ever seen, clean and apparently rather prosperous:

Erin's Isle is a popular restaurant which has always had cars overflowing its large parking lot. It's popularity with the locals inspired me to want to eat there some day. But on this day it appeared to be closed. Perhaps it was closed for Thanksgiving weekend?:

I arrived at the tiny IGA grocery store. It was newly opened and provides the local rural area with nearly everything a big grocery store would have. Previously, I suppose that people had to make the long drive into Massena or Potsdam:

As I walked into the IGA, I snapped a photo of the downtown business district. Yep, this is all of it:

I've previously called this the octagon house, but looking at this picture, I'm thinking that it perhaps has only six sides. What do you think?:

This charming little ornamented house:

And a green sort-of-Victorian style house. If this was in Albany, it'd be mighty expensive. But real estate is cheaper up there in the north country:

A very prosperous looking brick church:


  1. I loved your photos of Brasher Falls, the town I grew up in. The charming little ornamented house across from the Octagon house is where my mother lives now. It used to house my father's law office many years ago. Our family lived on a farm outside of town but Brasher was thought of as our home town. Brasher was a great place to grow up.

  2. It's a pleasant town and the people seem friendly. I'm looking forward to my retirement in the area.

  3. Not sure if you saw the second comment that I posted on your "Older Post" site. You actually took photos of the farm I was telling you about in the comment above. You deemed it one of your "favorite photos". ! was so surprised to see pictures of the farm. Our family sold the farm in 2005. Sounds like you live very near our old farm. Hope you enjoy your retirement years in our area.

  4. Indeed I did and I thank you for it. I pass that farm often though I haven't met the new owners. They've done some remodeling inside and erected lots and lots of fencing. They've had lots of cattle, sheep and horses, but last weekend seemed to be down to one sheep and one horse. The former pastures were used for corn this year. I should stop in and introduce myself one of these days.