Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Driving Tour With Papillons In The Car

My sister and her daughter's Papillon were visiting me up at the farm. We'd taken a hike across the north hay field and then decided to investigate the inside of the barn. First, we climbed up into the hayloft:

Some of the dogs came up there with us. The biggest attraction up there for them, I'm sorry to say, was the pigeon poop:

I showed my sister the old farm machine which I think was a seed cleaner:

The dogs were quite excited to point us to some dead pigeons:

And then we came downstairs and walked back to farm apartment. Seamus led the way:

My sister (the marathon athlete) stood at the fence and tried to befriend the tenants' Pit Bull. She had no more success at that than I have had:

And then we drove to Brasher Falls where we stopped to see the deep ice cap just below the falls. The ice was easily four feet deep in many places as it floated atop the water:

Brasher Falls is so tiny that there's a campground on the opposite shore:

The St. Regis River was running wildly and we made it a point to keep the Papillons away from the riverbank:

And inside the car, my sister was cuddling all three of the Papillons. That's Madeline on the left, and you can tell by the expression on her face that she's not yet completely reconciled to sharing a lap with the two puppies:

Madeline began to accept them conditionally - as long as she could look away she figured they might be OK:

We drove northward to get a glimpse of the mighty St. Lawrence Seaway:

Once we were home, and settled comfortably indoors, we discovered that Madeline had already made friends with my two Papillons and Fergus. They began to play:

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