Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time To Return Home

My sister and I cut our visit together short by a day when we heard on the news that a major snowstorm was heading our way. She had to travel along the southern shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, a particularly snow prone corridor. We took a morning walk across the south hay field (see yesterday's post) and then began packing up to drive home:

As I was carrying armloads of luggage out to the cars, an Amish neighbor trotted by on the County road:

I snapped a couple of photos:

And a brief video of his passing by. That's the tenants' dog doing all the background barking:

When I took the video, I got the impression that the Amish man was not pleased at being photographed. I've since checked the internet for their beliefs and learned that most Amish are not pleased with photos which reveal their faces. These photos did not, but of course he couldn't have known that. In the future I will be more circumspect about Amish photos:

My sister and I hugged goodbye, collected our dogs into the appropriate autos (which took some doing) and began our journeys homeward through the winter scenery:

For me, the way home was directly through the snowy Adirondacks:

I was not in a hurry, so I stopped to photograph this pleasant farm scene:

The weather, as it often does in winter, became more harsh in the valley of the Cascade Lakes:

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