Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chapter 3 - Rooseveltown, New York

I passed by this interesting place as I toured Rooseveltown. It looked like a nursing home to me and, checking the internet later, found that I was correct. I imagine that sitting outdoors on such a day, watching the clouds float overhead and listening to the bird songs would be a nice experience for anyone in a nursing home:

This classic home was one of my favorites:

A more modern home with Spirea blooming out front:

A small, comfortable home with a front porch:

And yes, Rooseveltown had a Post Office:

This home was being constructed, demolished or rebuilt. I'd guess the latter, judging by the dumpster nearby:

And Hammill's Store, looking as if it hadn't changed since the 1950s:

A gorgeous red barn:

And another home with a front porch, all surrounded by trees:

This home had lots of out buildings and fences, causing me to wonder if they had dogs, chickens or both (though I saw neither). I did notice, though, that they had a boat and a trailer. Being so close to the St. Lawrence Seaway and all the Adirondack waterways, I imagine that the boat is often used:

A small, ornamental well marked this home, nearly hidden from view by the trees:

And as I turned down another country lane to find my way home, I marveled at the enormity of both the skies and farm fields. This field must have been several hundred acres. Rooseveltown was a beautiful community and I was glad I'd taken this driving tour:

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