Monday, July 8, 2013

Maybe Our Last Stop Along The Ausable River

On moving day, I stopped with the dogs at our favorite little rest stop along the Ausable River. The dogs ran down the steep bank to the trail with great excitement:

Even big ol' Seamus, he of ponderous proportions, did a bit of happy frolicking:

The trail ran alongside the Ausable River and I almost let the dogs run freely until I remembered my commitment to keeping them close at hand. No problem, they were more than happy to come when called:

Little Daphne went down to the river for a cool drink of Adirondack water:

And Madeline explored the mossy riverbank:

I captured this nifty moment with Madeline and Daphne on a carpet of green moss and the other dogs looking on from the background:

It was all very beautiful, but I also found it a somewhat melancholy experience because old Wally and Winky were no longer with us and because I'd probably never go there again since this was our final trip between the farm and Albany:

The dogs took another drink of water and I called them back toward the car:

Daphne had done lots of running and began to slow down. In fact, she was yawning when I snapped this photo:

Seamus led the way back to the car:

And all the dogs trotted around the campsite looking for goodies to scarf up:

But soon I had them all back in the car ready to complete our journey:

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