Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moving Day - Part 2, Arriving At The Farm

It was a long drive between Albany and the farm. I was feeling tired by the time we arrived and was mighty glad I had a couple of strong, professional movers to haul all those heavy things up stairs:

It was brutally hot on moving day and the inside of the truck was like an oven. I didn't have to get up in there myself, but I took their word for it:

The glass fronted furniture had been carefully wrapped in quilted covers and suffered not a ding nor scratch. The dogs watched all the activity from their fenced yard:

The unveiling:

See? No damage whatsoever. It was a good thing I had professional movers:

Almost to the front of the truck:

The final row in the front of the truck:

Another glass fronted shelf unit, all wrapped in a quilted blanket, was carried into the farm house:

And then it was unwrapped in the kitchen:

My dresser was one of the last things to be unloaded - and it was heavy:

And the stairway was narrow, with a slanting ceiling at the top:

But all went well, and I became a permanent resident of the north country:

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