Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Tour Inside The Farm House - Upstairs

Since we began a house tour yesterday, let's go upstairs now and see that also. That moose head, by the way, is a bird house with the two nostrils as entry holes for the birds. I don't put it outdoors but think it's a pretty nifty wall hanging:

The top of the stairs with Georgette atop her cat tree where she spends most of the day. That halo of light coming from the bathroom is from two high windows looking toward the west:

And here are the windows and the bathroom:

The business end of the bathroom. The shower is off to the left:

My bedroom which, admittedly, has gotten a bit crowded. Those bi-fold doors go to one of two big, walk in closets:

The parakeet and guinea pig get to live in my bedroom. I figure they get more personal attention that way from me and are protected from the cats:

One of two dressers plus the doorway to the second big, walk in closet:

The guest bedroom. I'll use it to house the brooder for the baby chicks when they arrive and then turn it into a guest room:

The view to the northwest from the guest room window:

The view to the northeast. Those trees are the flowering crabs and apple tree which bloomed so strikingly this spring:

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