Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Part Two, A Walk In The Beautiful Fort Jackson State Forest

I'd taken the dogs to the nearby Fort Jackson State Forest for a walk on a spectacular summer day. I had a lot of work to do back at the farm and my torn ankle tendons were still bothering me, so at a certain point I decided it best to turn back toward the car. We were following the dirt lanes which crisscrossed the forest, but who could resist a foray into such a forest landscape as this?:

My handsome Seamus has been having trouble with his hips ever since our Coney Mountain hike. But he was just fine on this hike with its easy, flat walking:

And Fergus was happy, happy, happy:

My five doggies had themselves a romp in the forest:

We took another detour off the lane and into a portion of lush forest where the Hermit Thrushes and Ovenbirds were singing all around us:

I got all the dogs to sit and pose for a photo except for Clover. She was too busy running and playing:

We explored the game trails and everyone was happy:

Madeline and Daphne finally began to slow down:

But not Clover, she of endless energy and adventurous spirit:

And then, there just in front of us was our red car. Look at Madeline's face. That is the face of a very happy, very tired dog:

"See, Dad? Do you see the car? There's the car, Dad. I like the car. Let's go for a ride. Rides are fun:"

So we did go for a ride - all the way out of the forest and back along the country roads to our own farm:

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