Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moving Day - Part 1, Leaving Albany

I packed the cats, guinea pig and parakeet into my little car (along with the dogs, of course) and drove them up to the farm, but I'll tell you about that in another post. I finally turned 65, retired and moved to the farm. I had friends offer to help with the move, but I was by then so tired that I hired a local moving company:

And they were terrific! I couldn't have asked for better service. Their website is here in case you need a move:

They handled everything without hand-trucks and did so carefully and respectfully:

I didn't have much to move, at least not compared to what these guys are used to, but it was a long drive and I was much too tired to tackle it myself. And in case you are the carefully observant type, that hand truck was mine, not theirs and they didn't use it. They did, however, include it in the move:

My giant old filing cabinet had been mostly emptied and discarded in favor of this smaller version, seen here on its way out to the moving van:

The glass fronted shelves were carefully wrapped in padded blankets:

And carried by hand out to the truck:

There wasn't much left in the house when they wrapped up this piece of furniture:

Then they moved the two rocking chairs out to the sidewalk and the boss thought they looked awfully inviting:

So he sat down to test one of them out:

Then the other mover rested also and they laughingly suggested I entitle this photo, "Movers hard at work:"

The stuff in the back yard shed was the last to be loaded and, when we arrived at the farm, I carried those tomato cages directly out to the garden and put them to use. But that's a subject for tomorrow's blog post:

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