Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slush Pond - Part 1

I was between Albany and the farm on moving day and decided to make a quick rest stop at Slush Pond, a new favorite place. So I pulled off the road onto an unmarked lane and about 3 miles into the forest. Then I parked and let the pooches out to play:

They all ran full speed through the trees and out onto the floating peat bog:

The peat bog bounced beneath us with each step:

And it was very beautiful:

Clover, ever the little adventurer, went ahead to check for whatever it is dogs check for. I'd seen a loon in the water when we pulled up, but it'd disappeared the moment I opened the car door:

Ack! Seamus walked too close to the edge and broke through the peat. I took his picture first and then helped him back up. On the way back, Daphne fell in at that same spot:

There were several carnivorous Pitcher Plants, though I was disappointed that none of them were blooming:

My noble Seamus, the giant Poodle:

We all enjoyed the fresh air, the birds singing and the glorious scenery:

And glorious it was indeed, with Tamaracks framing the view:

We walked back toward the forest:

But I stopped first at this mass of color. I was sure it was Sheep Laurel, but a quick look at my field guide informed me that it was actually Pale Laurel. I often use the alternate name of Bog Laurel, though, because it was not pale by any means. But there was more to see at Slush Pond and I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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