Friday, July 19, 2013

A Happy Romp Through The South Hay Field

It seemed that the rain would never end and I had so much work to do clearing brush and constructing a chicken coop that when the sun finally came out I felt guilty taking the dogs for a bit of fun. But not guilty enough to stop me:

The Buttercups were blooming amongst the hay and Fergus was having a grand time:

The little dogs had to bounce through the grasses but Seamus simply pushed through them like a tank:

We traveled farther into the south hay field and enjoyed the sun, wind, aromas and big blue sky:

Madeline acted goofy and Fergus kept his eyes on me:

We walked on and on, the dogs sometimes walking single file to take advantage of the trail left by the pooches in the lead:

Whenever I'm in the fields, the Redwing Blackbirds, usually the females, fly up and screech at me. On this day, a male Redwing flew from post to post, circling overhead and sounding the alarm. After all, his children were in that field. I saw an Eastern Meadowlark one day and asked the farmers who will be haying my fields to wait until July to save as many meadow birds as possible. Of course, the June rains prevented any haying anyway and my hay is still uncut:

Seamus led the way for awhile and Madeline followed:

And then everyone bounced around just for fun:

We returned to the barn where I've been mowing a section to receive the livestock truck when it arrives this autumn:

This mowed area makes a wonderful play area for happy dogs. They still have not experienced the electric fence because I have so much brush clearing and fence repair to do before I can even turn it on:

We arrived back at the house and I put the dogs back into their fenced yard. Then I began clearing brush:

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