Friday, July 5, 2013

Chapter 1 - Rooseveltown, New York

I drove in to Massena to find an office supply store. It was on the east side of town where I don't often go, so when I was done, I decided to take a new route home. Looking at the map, I found a small settlement called Rooseveltown and decided to make a driving tour:

There were comfortable homes surrounded by trees:

And Sprague's Restaurant. It didn't look open until I spotted a light on inside:

A green home surrounded by green forest:

And another home nestled in the trees:

There were trailers:

And attached garages:

And this giant chimney, probably for a fireplace:

Just enough trees for shade without blocking the view:

Rooseveltown was partially located adjacent to what appeared to be a State Forest, but I couldn't find any mention of which one on the map. I then began to see the trees thinning out as I entered farm country:

And I do mean farm country! Look at the size of that field:

There were big, deluxe homes and smaller, simpler homes. But there were many more homes than I would have guessed, too many to present in just one post. So I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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