Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Nostalgic Stop At The Schroon River

"Why nostalgic?" you may well ask. Because this rest stop is quite distant from the farm and my days of traveling between Albany and the farm are over. I don't think I'm likely to stop here again. Also, of course, I missed having old Wally and Winky with us. But dogs seem to always stay in the present, so they just ran and had fun:

I'd parked quite far off the road and we had just a short trail to follow to get to the river:

And all the dogs were quite excited about it:

I was pretty darn happy myself:

We broke out of the woods and onto the sand dunes, where wild strawberries were in bloom:

Seamus, of course, went right for the water:

Clover and Daphne went sniffing to see what they could find:

They sure had fun. Decorum and restraint are not among their virtues:

Daphne momentarily considered going in the water, but then thought better of it:

And all in all it was a glorious day on the banks of the Schroon River:

But, as always, it was soon time to go and I gave the pooches a call:

We trotted back to the car. Once the dogs were all loaded up inside, I continued the journey:

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