Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scenes From Around The Farm

I'm now a permanent resident and fully retired, but busier than ever before. Here's a few scenes from around the farm, beginning with the five pooches in their fenced yard behind the farm house:

The Mock Orange in full bloom and the white Peonies just beginning. If you look closely, you can see a red Rugosa Rose in bloom just in front of the Mock Orange. That tree to the right is actually several trees growing in a clump, at least one flowering crab and what seems to be a Yellow Delicious apple tree:

I'd just replaced those two barn windows when this photo was taken. Inside those windows is where the chickens will live and I wanted windows which could be opened for air and yet have screens:

Um, I don't remember what was going on here. It looks like Clover was outside the fence. She might have been, little escape artist that she is:

This old silo base is filled with Elderberries. I always see them bloom but have never seen the berries. The birds were always much faster than I was. Now that I'm here full time, I'll try to get a few berries for myself:

The dogs always watched me while I worked on the chicken coop:

And they enjoy sitting out in the sun, at least if it's not too hot. Seamus has been having trouble standing up, so he especially likes to sit on the ramp. It makes it easier for him to get up:

About a mile down the road, I encountered this boggy field of Blue Flag (wild Iris). It was an incredible sight so I stopped for a couple of photos:

And a close-up. This is truly wild, spectacular beauty:

But the big surprise came one day when I saw what I thought were crab apples growing in my apple orchard. I walked over to see what was going on:

That smaller tree which stood next to the Pear tree and bloomed at the same time, a week or two ahead of the Apples, turned out to be Cherry tree:

And what delicious cherries they were! I had thousands of them, more than enough for me, the neighbors and the birds:

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