Sunday, July 14, 2013

Part 2, The Victorian Era At The Potsdam Museum

The Potsdam Museum, I had learned, specialized in Victorian Era artifacts, probably because that was an especially prosperous time in the town. The emphasis on wedding garments was because families of means kept them and cherished them over the years:

There was some fine furniture and a pictorial about Julia Crane, a pioneer music educator and the woman whose name now graces the highly regarded Crane School Of Music in Potsdam, a part of the SUNY system:

There were more Victorian wedding dresses:

And an old fireman's hat and toy fire truck. This was especially good timing because a convention of up to 2000 firefighters was due in Potsdam that very weekend:

This portrait of Melinda Raymond Knowles, ca. 1840, was by an unknown artist:

More firefighters' paraphernalia. I hoped that some of the conventioneers would make their way into the museum. A man using the research library told me he thought they'd be everywhere, including the museum:

Another toy firetruck:

And carved figurines of minute detailing. I think they were of famous people:

A look across one side of the museum:

A Victorian Era family sitting room setting:

More Victorian Era items, including a stuffed armadillo and songbirds. A sign informed me that taxidermy was particularly popular in the Victorian Era:

A baby buggy, a child's gown and a gramophone. The Potsdam Museum still had more to see, and I'll post Part 3 tomorrow:

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