Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fort Jackson Park - Part 1

I had shopping to do in Potsdam, so the dogs were not with me. I did, however, take a back roads "short cut" through Fort Jackson just for the fun of it. When I got to the park, I hesitated for a second and then drove on. But I only made it another 100 feet or so before I turned around to investigate. It was obviously so tiny that I was seeing it all from the road, right?:

I pulled in off the road and past a basketball hoop. A magnificent farm could be seen just across the road:

I followed the road to a clearing, clearly designed for picnics:

It was adjacent to a small stream:

Which led to a marshy area and a dam which no longer held water. This had once been a nice pond:

There were nicely maintained picnic spots along the stream:

I drove in and, just as I'd figured, there was nothing much else to see. So I took what appeared to be a dirt lane out of the park:

And found myself going deeper and deeper into the forest:

The dirt lane followed a stream:

And took me across a very small bridge:

From the bridge I could see the no longer functioning concrete dam. Clearly there was more to this park than I at first had thought, but I'll post Part two tomorrow:

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