Thursday, July 4, 2013

A New Home For All The Pets - And For Me

I'm now officially moved to the farm and a permanent resident of the north country. The natural beauty all around me is reason enough to be here. For instance, this is what I saw and heard when I walked out my door one morning, looking toward the apple and pear trees. There were lots of bird songs and my wind chime:

Some of the cats didn't handle the move well, but once we got there I gave them their own room with places to hide, several litter boxes and multiple food and water bowls:

Poor old Snoozey was so upset that he developed diarrhea inside his crate on the way up. And when I released him into his new "cat room," he immediately hid in one of the litter boxes:

I gently picked him up and tried to help Snoozey feel better, but what it really took was time. After a few days, he left the litter box and made himself right at home:

One cat who was not afraid was Bramble, who prowled and explored his new home the minute he got out of his carrier:

The parakeet and guinea pig found a new home in my bedroom. That's fine in the summer, but keeping the door closed (to keep the cats out) in the winter will prevent heat from entering. I'll have to cross that bridge when the time comes:

Georgette found a new place at the top of the stairs to hide and watch the activity:

And whenever I'd descend the stairs, this would be my welcoming committee. Notice the line of food and water bowls in the kitchen:

And on my second day up at the farm, the Iris burst into bloom:

And so did the Spirea:

Here's a close-up of the Spirea:

I put floor pillows in the kitchen and in my bedroom where all the animals can make themselves comfy:

Except, of course, for the dogs at bedtime. They all have rights to my bed, though Seamus sleeps on the floor. He's just so big that he'd take up the whole bed:

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