Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fort Jackson Park - Part 2

I'd made a last minute decision to check out the Fort Jackson town park and found it much larger and more wild than I had imagined. I took a dirt lane downhill, deeper into the forest and across this bridge. Then I turned up another dirt lane to see what was there:

The small stream was attractive and wild:

And the small side "road" took me only as far as the dam which no longer held back any water. The lane was so narrow that I had to back down it to return to the main "road:"

I continued downhill on the dirt lane just to see what surprises it might have for me:

But made another turn when I saw this sign pointing me toward the ball field:

Indeed, there was a softball field with a small set of bleachers, though no one was using it on that rainy day:

Then I returned to the main "road" toward the Picnic Area & Fishing. It was clear that someone was carefully tending this park. The grass was all mowed and flowers had been planted at the base of the sign:

The dirt lane took me to the banks of the St. Regis River. There, far from any paved road, was a wonderful picnic area:

And the St. Regis River is always a scenic gem:

The dogs would have loved coming here, but that would have to wait for another day:

I enjoyed the river view for a short time:

And then returned the way I'd come, following the serpentine dirt lane through the forest and back to the county road:

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