Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Quick Jaunt Along The St. Regis River

It seems to me that I've been busier since I retired than I ever was before. I've been building a chicken coop, clearing brush, cleaning the barn, mowing the lawn (4 to 5 hours per mowing) - and that's not to mention the regular chores of laundry, shopping, paperwork, cooking, etc. But one beautiful afternoon I put the pooches in the car and drove directly to the Fort Jackson Town Park. I stopped at the edge of the St. Regis River:

I let the dogs out to run - and run they certainly did, at least until I remembered my resolve to keep them within 15 or so feet from me. So I began calling them back over and over and over again:

But the scenery was beautiful and all the dogs (except Clover) began to understand the recently instituted rule that they stay closer to me:

The river was swollen from several weeks of rain. There were very large waves, at least for a river. I wouldn't have wanted to fall in and try to swim:

We followed a trail through the forest alongside the river. Seamus' sore hips and legs were miraculously cured for the duration of the hike. Walking seemed to help instead of hurt him. I suppose what he really needs is more exercise. But on this day he was back to his youthful, happy self:

Clover continued to run full speed, forward and back, forward and back. She always came when I called but then ran too far ahead again. Little Clover would do wonderfully on an obstacle/agility course:

Daphne discovered a vernal pond in the forest, surrounded by large, flat surfaced rocks:

And then we all walked down to the edge of the river. No one, not even Seamus, was foolish enough to go in:

And the forest was spectacular, growing atop a different type of rock than I've seen elsewhere nearby. I used to see that type of rock in Ohio, but not around here:

Lots of Hemlocks lined the trail and we all proceeded happily through the beautiful forest:

But this was just a quick jaunt and we were soon on our way back toward the car, the St. Regis River still our constant companion on the trail:

And of course it was then time to jump in the car and go home. "Aw, Dad. So soon?":

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