Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slush Pond - Part 2

We'd stopped at Slush Pond, the dogs and I, to stretch our legs and enjoy the wild beauty. Here's a brief video of what we saw. Notice the White Throated Sparrow singing just as the camera pans over toward the car. They were singing all throughout the trees on that day:

Clover liked to be in the lead:

We hopped back into the car and I drove to another spot. I let the dogs out and they once again ran excitedly through the trees toward Slush Pond:

We walked out onto the floating peat bog again and little Madeline checked out the Bog Laurel/Pale Laurel:

Tamaracks had taken root in many places and would eventually help turn this bog into solid forest:

Madeline seemed to be awestruck by the beauty of it all:

And I spotted another large patch of Bog Laurel/Pale Laurel:

Daphne and Clover did what they do best - run full speed just for the fun of it:

I got them all back into the car once again and decided to try one more access point:

So again we stopped and walked out onto the peat bog, this one seeming to have more solid footing:

This flowering bush was about five feet tall and magnificent. But I cannot identify it. Anyone know what it was?:

Seamus found a spot to access the water though the other dogs weren't interested:

Of course I was taking too long and really should have gotten back on the road more quickly. But I took one last photo of Slush Pond and some water lilies before I called the dogs back to the car so we could resume our journey:

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