Monday, July 1, 2013

Alongside The Ausable River

It was almost crunch time, when I'd move the last of my animals and possessions up to the farm. I made a short trip up to the farm with a carload of dog beds and kitchen supplies. And then I spent my time at the farm working on gardens and the lawn, not taking a single photo. When it came time to drive home, the dogs and I made it all the way to our favorite Ausable River rest stop before I took out my camera - just in time to capture Fergus trotting off into the Adirondack forest:

It was cold and rainy, but the trees overhead made for pretty good umbrellas:

I kept true to my determination to keep the dogs closer to me, perhaps no farther than 15 feet:

And when they'd try to run ahead, I'd call out, "Stop!" and call them back. Of course they got petted and praised for doing so:

"What, Dad? What do you want this time?:"

The forest was vibrantly colored in the mist and glistening with raindrops:

Daphne and Madeline hung out together as we returned to the car:

The scenery was lovely, serene and quiet:

When we arrived at the car, we walked right past it:

And over to the steep bank below which the Ausable River raged. All that rain had swollen the river:

I did not go down to the river but kept the dogs and myself safely atop the hill:

But this was our one and only photo session for an entire trip. We all jumped back up into the car and finished the long drive back to Albany. The next trip north would be with the cats, guinea pig, parakeet, etc. I shuddered just thinking about it. But that will be a story for another post:

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