Thursday, August 1, 2013

Skinnerville, New York

I was driving in to town when I got to thinking that I hadn't done any driving tours of local settlements lately. So I pulled off onto a small county road to have a look at Skinnerville. I could find no explanation for the name, but my guess is that the original resident was named Skinner:

These were mostly homey, comfortable, simple homes:

This home/garage sat up on a hill with a landscaped yard and split rail fence:

A modern, modular home and double garage. That tractor looked too big to be a toy and too small to be farm tractor. Maybe it's a lawn tractor, though I didn't see any mower deck attached:

An older home with a modular attached:

This looked to me like an old farmstead nestled beneath the trees:

A modern and fairly large mobile home with a nice deck and a big supply of firewood for winter:

A fancier home with a very nice lawn:

And even more deluxe, this home appeared to be very new. It seemed to me that I was entering into a section where people had built new homes, giving Skinnerville the appearance more of a suburb than of an old farm community:

And another newer, very nice home with stonework:

This home appeared to be under construction and was very large:

And this definitely was an old farm. Maybe the old Skinner place?:

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