Saturday, August 17, 2013

Driscoll Road, Part 1

I frequently pass the intersection to Driscoll Road on my way to and from Brasher Falls, but one day I brought my camera, planning a driving tour. This field of horses was actually on the county road, almost to Driscoll Road:

And right next to the horses, these two adorable ponies:

I then turned onto Driscoll Road:

It was straight and looked uninhabited at first as it carried me through woodlands:

Then I passed some hay fields, apparently left uncut for a few years:

I began to see some homes set back in the trees:

These were neat and trim homes and I guessed that they were owned by folks who worked in town but valued country living:

There were mobile homes, modular homes and old farm houses:

There were expansive lawns, lots of trees and the biggest skies this side of Montana:

A small and very old looking barn was set back in the trees behind these spruces:

I passed by this quiet pond, wondering if there would be more houses ahead. But I'll post about that tomorrow:

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