Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Pets At Home

The "Buddies" series of blog posts has morphed into "Happy Pets At Home" because I often find the pets by themselves but looking too cute for me to pass up the opportunity to photograph them. And yet the kitchen's floor pillows remain their favorite spot. Here are Snoozey and Bramble together:

And waiting for me between the front door and the stairs were Fergus, Madeline and Daphne. All that aluminum flashing on the corners is my attempt to "foil" cats' scratching:

Georgette seldom comes downstairs, so it was a real occasion when she joined me in the living room:

Apparently this old green chest is a great cat perch, for Bramble liked it also:

This is Georgette's favorite spot, the very top of the tallest cat tree at the top of the stairs:

Clover, Snoozey and Bramble got cozy on the floor pillows while Daphne looked on from nearby:

And the usual sleeping arrangements, whether for the night or for daytime naps:

Snoozey and Clover had just been exchanging kisses, but I was too late to capture it:

Seamus and Snoozey shared a cool floor by the fan:

I bought a second cat tree and covered it with catnip, hoping that it would give Draco something better to do that harass Rocky. Indeed it did, and Draco got as mellow as the biggest pot-head. That mouse on a string, however, only lasted a few minutes:

One more photo of Snoozey and Bramble. They are buddies:

And another collection of buddies resting together on the floor pillows: Fergus, Bramble, Clover and Snoozey:

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