Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Part 1, Pleasant Valley Road

Pleasant Valley Road is a turn off of Potsdam's busiest thoroughfare, and intersection full of commercial buildings and one where you might not expect to find much beauty. But I've taken it on several occasions to shortcut past Potsdam's busy center and found it - well, you'll see in the upcoming photos:

There were pleasant houses like this log home:

And small places beneath leafy trees:

The first portion of the road had been freshly blacktopped, but that didn't disguise its rural nature as I passed over the old fashioned railroad crossing:

There were what looked like old farmsteads:

And old brick structures:

Many homes sat far back off the road and none were very close to their neighbors:

These were homes with all the benefits of country living yet only minutes from the busy center of Potsdam:

This home looked like it used to be a farm home:

A green home set back in the trees:

A small mobile home almost hidden behind the greenery. Many places were indeed entirely hidden by the trees and I couldn't photograph them at all:

This was more a road through the woods than a road through farm fields. It was altogether charming. I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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