Thursday, August 8, 2013

Buddies, Part 10

I've noticed that the mother lode for "Buddy" shots is the row of floor pillows in the farm house kitchen. Both dogs and cats tend to collect there, seeming to enjoy each other's company. This photo shows Clover, Fergus, Bramble, Daphne and Snoozey all in a row:

And whenever I descend the steps (and when a baby gate has prevented them from following me), I am greeted by the "Welcoming Committee." This committee meeting was of Madeline, Draco, Fergus, Seamus and Daphne:

Another kitchen collection, this one a bit more spread out: Bramble, Clover, Daphne and Snoozey:

And another jam-packed meeting of the "Buddy Society," this one with Clover, Bramble, Seamus, Fergus, Daphne and Madeline:

A somewhat smaller welcoming committee at the foot of the stairs: Draco, Seamus, Madeline and Fergus:

Two cat buddies, Bramble and Snoozey:

I recently added a fleece dog bed liner to help accommodate Seamus' gigantic body and here he is, using it - with Bramble and Snoozey in the background:

A different assortment: Daphne, Clover and Fergus:

And a third welcoming committee, this time with no cats: Madeline, Daphne, Clover, Fergus and Seamus:

Bramble, Clover and Snoozey:

And outside int the back yard, Seamus and Daphne hung out together while Madeline watched:

And one last row of pet buddies: Fergus, Daphne, Clover and Bramble. Bramble is not particularly fond of people, but he sure likes cats and dogs:

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