Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hopkinton Summerfest Parade, Part 1

The town of Hopkinton has a weekend Summerfest every year but I've only seen the tractor pull in previous years. This year I also wanted to see the parade, so I drove to the town green on Saturday morning:

And positioned myself along the highway to watch the parade go by:

The Hopkinton Historical Society was one of the early groups to pass by:

And my neighbors were part of the Historical Society, marching with their three children, two in a wagon and one pedaling a toy tractor:

There's the tractor and Dad, following behind and tossing candy to the children watching the parade:

The Hopkinton and Fort Jackson Fire Department:

And firemen:

And fire trucks:

And Deer Valley Trails, a restaurant and bar deep in the forest on Blue Mountain Road, sponsored a host of marching superheroes:

I've never been big on superheroes, but I recognized Batman and Catwoman:

And lots of antique tractors:

Big trucks and colorful balloons - and American flags were everywhere. But there was a lot more, so I'll post Part 2 tomorrow:

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