Friday, August 23, 2013

Part 3, Pleasant Valley Road

I was making my way along the aptly named Pleasant Valley Road and enjoying the scenery on my way home:

This very large home had probably been a farm house back in the day:

And this collection of outbuildings, not to mention the barn with a hay elevator, indicated to me that there was still some farming on this road:

This charming home with its stone facade had a carved wooden bear out front:

And a woodsy home in a woodsy setting:

I began to see homes which were far, far off the road. These people must have to pay a lot for snow plowing - or perhaps they do it themselves:

Another home far off the road. You may have noticed, as did I, that the homes were becoming more upscale as we neared the end of Pleasant Valley Road:

There were friendly, comfortable, sturdy homes set back beneath the shade of the trees:

And modern, prosperous looking homes:

And homes with lots of stonework and flowers:

Touring Pleasant Valley Road had been a pleasure for me as well as a shortcut and I'll drive it again and again on my way to and from Potsdam:

When I arrived at the end of Pleasant Valley Road, where it intersects Knapps Station Road, I put my camera away and focused on getting where I was going:

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  1. Looks like a beautiful area to drive through!