Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Member Of The Family

I traveled down to Frontier Town, site of many previous blog posts, to pick up a new dog. PeeWee was an elderly Papillon mix with limited hearing and eyesight who had been surrendered for adoption by his family because of a divorce. And if that wasn't sad enough, he'd been attacked by a big dog and nearly killed, his neck now all sutured up like Frankenstein. How could I say no? So I met his foster family at Frontier Town. We let all the dogs sniff each other and then headed off on a walking tour of the old log village:

They clearly had come to love little PeeWee and were sad to see him go while also happy that he was going to a good home:

My dogs gave PeeWee a quick sniffing and then just simply admitted him to the family. After that, we all explored the old log village as if we'd always been together:

PeeWee was surprisingly spry for an old timer, and often led the procession:

We explored the forest and looked inside several of the old buildings. That's PeeWee, by the way, just ahead of Seamus and nose to nose with Clover. PeeWee and Clover look so much alike that sometimes I have to do a double take to know which is which:

We all walked over to explore the old storefronts. PeeWee once again led the way:

And then we walked farther back to see the old rodeo arena and stables:

PeeWee was a determined little dog, chugging along as if he was young and had never been attacked. I thought to myself, "This little guy has heart:"

We explored the old storefronts for a bit, including the old saloon where we discovered that the piano was still playable:

And PeeWee kept chugging along:

But soon it was time for his foster family to say goodbye to PeeWee and we all got back into our cars:

I had a long drive back to the farm and all four Papillons squeezed together on the front seat. PeeWee seemed kind of crushed against the back of the seat, but I think he liked the security of it. He seemed happy jammed in there where he wouldn't bounce around. So now there's a new dog in the family and he will appear, from time to time, in future blog posts:


  1. Pee Wee is a lucky pup to be joining your big, happy furry family! :-)