Saturday, August 3, 2013

Part 1 - Lovely, Rural Pickle Street

I had to drive from Winthrop to Potsdam and a  quick map check showed me a long, straight road leading directly where I wanted to go. The added benefit was the name, Pickle Street. Who could resist finding out what might be on that road?:

I found Pickle Street to be rural, with huge fields of newly baled hay:

And large, old farm houses:

I passed two men on tractors doing the haying and snapped their photo:

There were new homes setting back in the fields like a Wyeth painting:

And old farmsteads with barns:

This home had a fascinating collection of miscellany on its porch, all framed by a split rail fence and Maple trees:

Prim and proper, with a gated front porch:

Modern, sleek and clean:

A modern ranch with double garage:

Another old farmstead, this one set behind Pine trees and highlighted by a Hosta garden:

This appeared to be a very old farm house being given an updating and enlargement. Pickle Street was so lovely and so fascinating that I took lots and lots of photos. Even after deleting many of them, I've managed only to slim it down to four posts. This was Part 1. Part 2 will post tomorrow:

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