Friday, August 9, 2013

The Glories Of Summer In Farm Country, Part 1

I drove to the Post Office the other day and was so overwhelmed by the summer rural beauty I passed along the way that I decided I must take some photos. So as soon as I got home, I grabbed my camera, loaded the dogs into the car and took off to drive once more to the Post Office and back. This first shot was of the wildflowers and grasses surrounding my own north hay field:

And Daphne watched the neighbors' hay fields and distant woods with rapt attention as they passed by her car window:

More hay fields and farm silos:

Giant, round hay bales:

An old trailer and boat, parked at the edge of a woodland:

Horses and sheep aplenty:

A truck and a contented, grazing horse beside a big red barn:

Layered textures: Grasses, trees and corn fields with more woods in the background:

Giant corn fields and giant silos:

Farm equipment parked in a field, ready for use:

A neighbor's pond:

And a classic red barn. But I hadn't even reached the Post Office yet. I'll publish Part 2 of this summer series tomorrow:

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